«All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy» (The Shinning, S. Kubrick, 1980). Below you can find a few resources to things I enjoy in my spare (?) time.


Never a great sports player, I at least found I had some endurance.


Personal Bests:

10K: 37′ 34″ (Cursa dels Nassos, 2012)

Half-Marathon: 1h 23′ 42″ (Mitja Marató de Barcelona, 2012)

Marathon: 3h 12′ 42″ (Marató de Barcelona, 2012)

Marató de Barcelona, 2012

Casticáceres Running Club (sección Nacho), 2013

San Fermín 1998, Pamplona

Elected Member of Sociedad Española de Ilusionismo (círculo Madrid) y ACAI

Interview about Illusionism and Economics. El Diario Vasco. 22/2/2008.

You can find more information on my magic site:

ESADE Christmas cocktail, 2018

Fundación Abracadabra de Magos Solidarios, 2007

Being a frequent visiting professor at University of California San Diego, and being married to a vasque woman has side effects…

Tourmaline, San Diego 2012

La Casa de la Amatxi, San Sebastián

Pacific Beach, San Diego 2013

La Zurriola, 2011

San Sebastián, 2012

She, who will remain nameless…