Research does not make sense without communication to society. Below are samples of my frequent contributions to the public debate.

Here are some examples of talks and interviews I have given about Behavioral Economics to the general public (most in Spanish).

Premio Nobel de Economía 2017: Richard Thaler. Conferencia en Fundación Ramón Areces

Entrevista Fundación Areces.  Behavioral Economics

Teoría de Juegos, Economía Experimental y Equilibrio de Nash. Universidad Carlos III

L’economia més moderna no som éssers racionals. Ateneu Barcelonés (con Marta Reynal)

Premio Nobel a la Economía del Comportamiento 2017: Richard Thaler. Institut d’Estudis Catalans

EconTrack on Incentives. Tilburg University

Here you have a sample of the growing importance of behavioral research at ESADE.

One winute with…Pedro Rey, expert in Behavioral Economics

The Netflix Paradox

Magic and Behavioral Economics (I)

Improving Business Decisions with Behavioral Economics

ESADE Research Day 2018

Magic and Behavioral Economics (II)

Presentation of ESADE New Professors

ESADE Decision Lab

My research is frequently featured in ppular media outlets. Below is a list of links to articles appeared in press.

Articles Mentioning specific research papers:


ESADE Knowledge: 

  • ESADE webminar on Economics Perspectives and COVID-19 (with P. Aznar): Here
  • Expertos de ESADE analizan el impacto económico del COVID-19 (with P- Aznar): Here
  • Coronavirus and Spanish Economic Policy (with T. Rolán and A. García). ESADE EcPol Insight: Here
  • Gender bias in academia: myth or fact? (with I. Visnjic).ESADE DoBetter: Here
  • Cómo mejorar las política públicas a través de los datos y la evidencia. ESADE Do Better: Here
  • Men vs. women: who performs better in competitive environments? ESADE Knowledge Pills, 7, 14-16 (2019) Here and ESADE Knowledge here
  • Business decisions: the benefits of using experimental evidence. ESADE Knowleddge 3/2019: Here
  • Measuring economists’ sexism. ESADE Knowledge 5/2018: Here





Below you can listen to interviews I have given regarding a variety of topics.



ESADE DO Better Podcast.
Gender Bias in Academia (with Ivanka Visnjic)

ESADE Research Day 2018.
Experimentation in Firms.

Value Investing FM.
Economía del  Comportamiento y Behavioral Finance (con Pedro Bermejo)

Below you can find the articles I have written for several popular blogs and newspapers.

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